Wednesday 4 May 2011

back with a reason

So I am back again, not that my absence was caused by my lack of effort to write, but it is due to my long absence from a computer!  Whoop!!  The nice 3 days off meant I actually had 11 days off.  I have since returned to receive my new laptop which seems to have taken me days to configure and I am still missing vital bits of software which I have to argue over getting!

Following the theme of my past blogs in my holiday I discovered that my brother-in-law is starting taxing as is a friend of ours.  I have now provided them with the tips I have learnt from my taxi drivers and I wish them well for I hope that I will not be joining them!

The wedding was a success and most of us enjoyed it.

My weekend ended up with 3 BBQs- a fact I am very happy with.