Thursday, 30 September 2010

suddenly it's gone

So last week was a return to posting, I then went on leave for a couple of days and then ended up being off sick, now I am back at my computer nearly a week later.

A few lovely events have happened, I managed to win a Phil&Teds buggy on eBay.  I can't believe how popular these things are.  I love buying bargains on ebay, but getting one of these as a bargain is a hard thing to do.  I even did the searches for peoples spelling mistakes - there was a website for this, but I can't find it now.  But simple typos by people mean that less people can search for it - great for the buyer!  Anyway the buggy has finally arrived after problems with the courier and Mrs Stretch thinks it is brand new which is great.

So as I mentioned I was on leave for a couple of days, I was actually on the Isle of Wight and if I had foursquare I would have got my "I'm on a boat" award, but I haven't, so I didn't!  I did however have a great time with the guys from church.  If you didn't know that I go, then "surprise".  Don't worry I will not be going on a christian crusade and slaughtering you all :-)  It was a very inspirational time and lots of male bonding with bonfires, golf, go-karts, croquet and lots of table tennis aka whiff-whaff.  The top quote from the weekend was "Each generation goes further than the generation preceding it because it stands on the shoulders of that generation. You will have opportunities beyond anything we've ever known."  Which when you have kids is a great motivation to achieve so much more for them to be able achieve so much more.

So today sees me at a Starfleet office, hopefully accompanied by Golfy if he can be bothered to travel! :-)

On the opportunity front, it seems I am not going on the route that I expected.  It seems I am too valuable and they can exploit me further somewhere else.  Which suits me at this point. Now I just have to tell the man who has the dog that the dog is not wanted (for now) 

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Let me hear a "Whoop Whoop"

So yesterday I got my long awaited phonecall and it looks like I am on the move soon.  However it does depend on when they will let me go!  I might be gutted if they say I can go straightaway - but 2 weeks would do lol!

Starfleet is as exciting as watching your walls dry, actually watching them dry actually was quite interesting.  Yesterday then saw going round the house with Decorators Chaulk and filling the gaps and getting ready for the decorator!  I decided that the tube of chaulk was harder to reseal so I just used the whole tube  - my house is now stuck together - lol!  Not as badly as my fingers were at one point!  I am not lazy enought to pay for a decorator, but Father-in-law is a painter/decorator by trade and has offered - so who really look a gift horse in the mouth?  what a really strange expression... what is a gift horse, who looks at anything in the mouth unless you are dentist...but did you know that horses teeth never stop growing (the facts gathered from X-Factor)

Mrs Stretch has the brainwave idea that we NEED to go to IKEA.  I don't think anyone NEEDS to go there!  So the house is now measured and visio'd (shouts of NERD can be heard)  I don't want to come home with a new desk to find it doesn't fit!

I am off on Thursday and Friday and Saturday to Isle of Wight (if I had foursquare I could get my "I'm on a boat" award).

Thursday, 16 September 2010

A Time to reflect

So it seems that people actually might miss my blogging!
Now I think that is rubbish (paraphrased), but I will see.
So an update of my Summer...
been away
came back
been away
came back
All in all it was quite nice, except for the coming back! :-)
Starfleet is the same old.  But then it does pay and that is bad if that is the only motivation!  I am pushing other doors and waiting to see what opens and following a phone call I received yesterday it seems that my persistence might have paid off and I should be moving on soon.

One of my aways was a holiday in Turkey and although it was sunny and nice, I certainly wouldn't rush back to Turkey.  I have heard that Turkey is nice and cheaper than the rest of Europe, however I would have to differ on both of those reported facts.  The resort we were in was nice and the Germans were there usual self.  Isn't it sad when you come back from a Turkish holiday having learnt more German!

On other news; the house sale has now stopped we are off the market as seriously nothing was happening and with the impending doom arrival of baby we have got to transform the house around.  We are now living in a bedroom that has been re-plastered and no furniture.  The DIY list for the next few months is long and expensive!  And Mrs Stretch is wanting to nest!

So for now I wish you well...
Auf Wiedersehen