Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Vroom Vroom

well I got my new car yesterday, and wow I love it! a VW Golf Estate, I have now read the manual and got to work out what options I have and therefore how much of the manual is irrelevant!

I went to admire it out of the bedroom window, actually subconsciously it was just to check she hadn't been nicked or keyed! As it turned out she was gone, but then so was my wife so I used all my powers of deduction and worked out that they were both cruising round the streets!

Isn't it strange how we feminise objects. I remember my last car - the Audi A4 was called "Brenda". She was named after the black singer on X-factor at the time. Mostly due to the fact the car was black and had a big bum. Alas the car was lost due to flooding. But I have my new car now - "Betty"!

Well now I have the adventure of trying to find the accessories required for enjoying and exploiting Betty to her full ability, basically I need to buy roof racks and cycle bars and find an Mp3 cable in the loft.

and so it begins

I have to say that blogging was not one of those things that I would ever do. And you never know this might even be my last one!

But I will try it and I will see.

You must know that all blame and responsibility must go to Golfy and Scobi. Actually mostly Golfy, as he just pinged me and prompted the blogging of my life!

Future subjects coming up will be my tattoo, my pursuit for happiness, a life elsewhere and whatever random areas come up.

But for now I think I must wrap it up, try a publish and continue with a life in the real world.