Thursday, 16 September 2010

A Time to reflect

So it seems that people actually might miss my blogging!
Now I think that is rubbish (paraphrased), but I will see.
So an update of my Summer...
been away
came back
been away
came back
All in all it was quite nice, except for the coming back! :-)
Starfleet is the same old.  But then it does pay and that is bad if that is the only motivation!  I am pushing other doors and waiting to see what opens and following a phone call I received yesterday it seems that my persistence might have paid off and I should be moving on soon.

One of my aways was a holiday in Turkey and although it was sunny and nice, I certainly wouldn't rush back to Turkey.  I have heard that Turkey is nice and cheaper than the rest of Europe, however I would have to differ on both of those reported facts.  The resort we were in was nice and the Germans were there usual self.  Isn't it sad when you come back from a Turkish holiday having learnt more German!

On other news; the house sale has now stopped we are off the market as seriously nothing was happening and with the impending doom arrival of baby we have got to transform the house around.  We are now living in a bedroom that has been re-plastered and no furniture.  The DIY list for the next few months is long and expensive!  And Mrs Stretch is wanting to nest!

So for now I wish you well...
Auf Wiedersehen

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  1. Stretch - quick question - how much is a Plasterer "darn sarf"? I have had two guys plastering up here in the Midlands at £100 per person per day and they are good. Price includes materials - skim coat, scrim, corner beading etc and PVA (no plasterboard needed). How does that compare?