Monday, 2 August 2010

And so it returns

I am pleased to report that I had a great holiday - not fantastic, but great.  I don't think you can class the Mill Rythe resort on Hayling Island fantastic, and if it was not for the fact that so many of our friends were there it would definitely have dipped from greatness.  It was helped by great weather.

We had the most miserable waitress from Russia and I think she had a part in starting the cold war.  However after complaining on the first day, she actually improved after that (and hopefully did not spit in our food).  However I did get a cappuccino everyday and I don't know how she made the brown sprinkles on top?

Other highlights, our team won the pub quiz for the 2nd year in a row.  We entered the talent competition as Take That and came 3rd, which is not a bad thing as the winner has to come back in October and do it again in the final.  The wine I took with me was lovely!  The bruises from water polo are fading now, my addiction to trying and winning a Toy Story character from a grabbing machine in the arcade is starting to fade and my exercise on holiday counter balanced the cooked breakfast every morning.

Following on from my last blog, I can now remove #10 and #7 from the book list and replace them with Deadline by Simon Kernick and No Time for Goodbye by Linwood Barclay.  I have managed to remember these books as A. someone returned one book to me that I lent them a year ago - they only returned it because they wanted to borrow another one.  And "Vicar" I will remember what book you have this time! B. I have purchased another book for my upcoming holidays.  It is another Linwood Barclay book and I am hoping it is as good as the last.  As an update I read a Dean Koontz book whilst away (a book in a week is the way to go), but I have to admit it will NOT be entering my Top 10!  I had other people singing his praises, but I won't be joining them.  I have some personal homework to carry out and that is to follow up on a couple of book related web links, which should help me with my future choices of reading material. and TV book club which was by Richard and Judy originally.  Mrs Stretch had brought me a new book before holiday knowing that I was lacking any good reading material and she was delighted to come back with the latest Dan Brown book.  However it was one I had read a year ago... good effort though.

So now I have one more week at work and then a week off.  Tick Tock.

Saturday night was also good as a friend gave me tickets to a charity bash.  A nice saving of £70 for the tickets and a 3 course meal and entertainment was greatly enjoyed who says there is no such thing as a free lunch.  The dance troop were good, the solo dancer was "interesting" and the band were fantastic!  Check out and keep your eye on the horizon for Juliette Ashby.
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