Tuesday, 8 March 2011

In the words of Rolf Harris - The Cat Came Back

Harris - Cat Came back

so really has it really taken me this long to think of an appropriate title to return with?  No, not really.  Unfortunately time has slipped between my fingers and it is never retrievable.  So for my many readers I can only apologise.  Even the cryptic Badman could not populate my blog for me - shame, but his makes for such a great read to alleviate the misery of all those that have missed mine.

So the update goes along this line:
We had Christmas - a nice time with family, didn't go overboard and didn't drink.  Now the lack of alcohol was not quite my choice but Mrs Stretch's who decided that I should be on constant standby in case baby made an appearance over Christmas - and tho and behold the baby did not make an appearance!
We had a baby and will forever more on blogging be known as "baby".  A not so novel but somewhat appropriate name.
Starfleet as me still here and I have moved around to slightly different work.  We have some internal rebranding and some new tools, and just had a cheery call from Bendy Ears which doesn't give much hope!

So was that really what I have achieved in my absence... well you cannot underestimate the time that baby takes up but the enjoyment is unmeasurable.

okay, that is the brief update and the bite size teaser to keep you coming back and more importantly for me to keep writing!

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