Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Squeezed in

So here I am sat on the train.  Okay I will correct that I am squeezed on a train.  It is nothing to do with the guy sat next to me, whom at some point in the next 5 minutes is bound to be tempted to read my screen.  And that is not the reason why I am saying it is not his fault, but it is clearly the day and age that we are in, whereby every company beliefs they can squeeze every ounce out of people.  This is especially more the case in a captive audience.  I don’t have much choice about what train company I want to use to get to London (my destination for the day), so Rail company decides that they can put in more seats which are smaller, they have no tables.  I know I am slightly larger than average, but seriously this is ridiculous.  I have heard about another company I think RyanAir looking to having saddle seats which are basically a mix between standing but perched on a saddle; that way you need less leg room but you do get to sit-ish.

My train journey is less enjoyable by the fact that I don’t have a table and there were none to choose.  I could have sat next to someone from the 2nd stop which is where I get on, but I always think this looks strange when there are blocks of seats which are empty but of course they don’t have seats.  The next reason my journey is not great today is due to the fact that my audiobook on my iPod is not working it seems that Weread4you books are rubbish.  They play okay on my laptop so I do get to listen to it now, but it is not that portable!!  I don’t want to be walking around the tube with my laptop in tow.  So with my laptop finally out and keeping my knees warm I have been able to get a smidge of work done, my blog written (nearly) for the day and had a battle of elbows with my neighbouring passenger who also has their laptop out.

Today in the big smoke will be ending in an enjoyable bypass to Westminster and meeting up with Golfy.  A great catch up is indeed needed especially as Starfleet are trying to squeeze an extra ounce of there best and probably only asset they have left!

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