Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Mmmm Choices

now we are in June the questions begin from Mrs Stretch for what I want for my birthday (just over a month away). I am terrible with not knowing what I want most of the time and then of course I can find the items that are out of reach either financially, storage means, or just the fact that I would never use it but it sounds like a great idea. So I have been wiser this year and kept writing a list and now I have sent that list to Mrs Stretch. I know I will still not get anything on that list!! :-) Oh Well! Worth a try.

Work is better and still on the up, except for a few errors. But I will put them down as a learning curve. There are sudden realisations that come too late, in particular when you have asked someone for some help, or even just a quick question that ends up snowballing. I knew I should have asked someone else!

Yesterday was a full day or work, and after work was daddy day care and then band practice for a wedding I am playing at on Saturday, I finally got to relax at 10.30 last night (which meant I was asleep at 10.32).

As someone who moans, and finds comfort in grumpiness, I now don't have much more to write but that is good and a blog today ends with a smile on my face...

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