Thursday, 1 July 2010

mmm, Caffeine...

I have wheeled the coffee machine out from under its covers. Okay that it is a slight exaggeration but it was sat on the kitchen side and has been gathering dust for the last couple of months maybe even longer. I like coffee, I like latte, and even the new chai vanilla latte that Starfleet offices have just introduced. I am even a member of the loyalty clubs for 2 big coffee franchises. However as I matured into a coffee machine owner, which is a natural step after owning a percolator, the chore of cleaning the coffee machine seemed to out weigh the enjoyment of the coffee. And as it is only a single mans coffee machine it didn't even warrant an unveiling for dinner parties.

But I think a couple of things have happened;
1. Golfys blog has worn off on me and I am more intrigued into coffee, before you know it I will be asking for coffee tips.
2. I was woken up at an hour beginning with 5 and to top it off I felt like I had a bad hangover - I could probably handle that if I had had a drink before. Maybe I am getting punished for the drink sessions which didn't result in a hangover! Karma? Of course I need a clear head today, as we (me and Mrs Stretch) are off to the hospital to see how her cooking is coming along and hopefully find out what kind of "ickle" she is cooking.
3. I enjoyed my coffee at Starfleet offices, but I hate paying those prices!! (I know I am tight!!)
4. I am no longer on a stupid diet regime that included no caffeine. I shouldn't have stopped but hey-ho.

So now I need to organise a shopping trip to buy some more beans, maybe some more Guatemala Elephant.

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  1. Hi, personally I'm not a fan of the "Elephant" - great name but I find it a little disappointing as a coffee. The Old Brown Java is my favourite and Golfy has rather taken a liking to it too.