Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The end is nigh!

Ok so actually I mean the end of June is nigh and might be a good thing. That means it is closer to my holidays - I have a lovely getaway to Hayling Island and then a fabulous break to Turkey. The Turkey holiday is all-inclusive which also includes 24 hour ice-cream. I am dubious over this offer so I will ensure that I test it out at random times of night and I will have my pen poised to complain and ask for a discount if they misled me! Actually I am not much of a moaner, I will take the questionable meal put in front of me and test it. Obviously if it was really bad then I would make a point, but not make a scene. Anyway the downsize for an all-inclusive holiday is the inevitable expansion of my waist line ("It cannot take anymore Jim" - said in his best Scottish accent), but I try to justify the eating of all inclusive food by my plans to do the majority of activities organised! So I will be obviously in and out of the pool, and if I don't use the steps out of the pool then I end up rolling out on the side and looking like a beached whale! When I was a kid I used to be able to spring out of the pool with the propulsion of my hands without my knees touching down. So whilst I am in the pool I shall plan to partake in some water polo (no horses involved) and hopefully some volleyball either in or out of the pool. But my biggest exercise this year will be chasing around after the boys. I am hoping that enough exercise will wear them down (and me) and we can all cope with sleeping in one room! This is not a pleasurable experience for a week. Whilst we were away in Eastbourne, we had little one in with us and at 2.30 in the morning, he was up in his cot - with excited squeals of "Daddy, Daddy", once he realised that I was visible in the room with him. Of course I tried to ignore his pleas of wanting to play this early in the morning, but that was to no avail when Mrs Stretch jabbed me in the ribs (why are they able to hit the correct spot everytime?) and said "He is asking for you!". In exchange for her rib-jab and stating the obvious I brought him into bed with us - however I got the head end, whilst she got the feet (the wriggling feet at that). Note: Children always lie at right angles! So anyway my plan is wear out the kids, hopefully they will sleep through and therefore so will I.

I got to have my first play with an iPhone last night, my mate Matt left his out whilst he went in another room - FOOL! It didn't take me long to work out how to open it up and find messages, so I carried my trial on a bit further and started sending texts. It is quite a fast phone (although it is not a iPhone4 which is even faster), but it was fast enough for me to do my texting on his behalf and return it to its resting place without him noticing. It was only the message responses from concerned people that made him question what had been going on. And for all the people that were there, it didn't seem to take him long to work out that it was me. I must have one of those guilty faces, or I think I am just the prankster. A healthy prank is always good, and he knows now not to leave his mobile lying around. And he expressed his love for another man... okay that is not so good!! But it is funny!

My other news is that I brought a BT Broadband Accelerator . The plan being that I plug this in and I get a faster broadband. For the minimal cost I thought this is would be a good return on investment and the potential increase of anything above what I have now would be good. Now I am lucky man as I currently have 16mbps broadband link and my colleague who recommended it to me only had 1mbps but with this he got an extra 50%. However I have installed this today and my speed has gone down!! HUH!?? It has only marginal drop, but my upload speed has increased and I have less noise on my line. So it shall stay and I will assess it.

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