Thursday, 27 May 2010

A man walks into a bar...


There I was lying in bed last night thinking I need to blog! yes, blog! I was thinking through content and grammatical corrections as I went along and now unfortunately I come to blog and it is gone. The journey of blogging in my mind took me to sleep. All except for the Title which for some reason I did remember.

I have had an important Starfleet meeting this morning which only carries individual importance. But I am pleased to say that I am not a red wearing shirt member of the star-trek away team - Mr Badman analogy! :-)

Now where was I?

It seems that too long has been "wasted" in a pursuit of finding enough red shirted people - Thailand residents do not fear as I only refer to Star Trek! Now we have to continue with our usual daily lives as if nothing has happened except for the fact that there are now not enough people to operate the ship.

I was going to reveal to you a story the other day, but I delayed it for a better time. However you will be pleased to know that that time has come (isn't it strange when you write "that that"...that is not the story). I had to get some watches fixed the other week. Yes, plural - watchES. I know some people consider me as OCD and I have to agree that I am borderline. I get an obsession and I can't stop until Mrs Stretch takes my wallet away! I got one of my ideal Christmas presents last year - a watch box! It holds 12 watches! Of course everyone said that is ridiculous what are you going to put in there - ahhmm...I have filled it! Now some of those watches were broken but one of the contenders was a fake (a Thailand special) and I knew that most jewellers would smash a fake in front of you, I know that as I used to be a jeweller (not a story for today). But I managed to find a diamond in the rough - a proper old school watchmakers. It was tucked away in a residential street with no web presence but certainly character. I took in my 4 watches and I was met by the most appropriate Rainman ever! A 40 year gent with clear learning problems and the dress sense of a gypsy traveller, but WOW did he know his area of expertise - he should be on Mastermind. He spotted the fake within seconds due to something, and reeled off prices and durations for fixing all watches in seconds. A couple of watches could be fixed there and then - the obvious battery ones are easy! Whilst I waited for those, a lady came in with a Rolex, he immediately spotted it didn't have a crest or something on the strap and stated it was a fake - like I said he was rainman! Anyway I just wanted to mention him and give him credit as a few people have an impact on your life and he was one! Just to finish off I ended up walking home with 3 watches round my wrist, I felt like a proper wheeler-dealer!

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  1. Its good to know that you are up front with Jim and Bones too.