Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Some are good and some are great...

Well the bank holiday weekend has come and gone. Now sometimes your weekend can be riddled with disaster usually some extended family event that you could never plan for, or someone weekends just whittle out which is usually caused by weather or illness. But some weekends hit us with success and make us type that bit more cheerfully on the next working day. I am pleased to say that my weekend was classed as a successful one.

Now as you may recall last week was not so successful with Betty being hit my some dork who probably doesn't have insurance and so decided to drive off. I am sure I will never find out whether they get the lethal injection but here is hoping... anyway I got my courtesy car the Kia Ceed which should only be seen driving round a legoland dream. But she is helping me out greatly. And I wait still with baited breath (what a strange term) to hear about Betty's repair or demise.

On Thursday night I managed to win a pub quiz for Faith+Football (a local charity arranged by Linvoy Primus). That got me 2 tickets to see Pompey play their last Premiership game at home probably for a while. I took Mrs A who has consistently nagged me about wanting to go to see a game again but I can never justify splashing out that cost for 2 of us to go (tight wad that I am!). Great news is Pompey won! Now bring on Wembley!

On the remained of Saturday we squeezed in some house viewings, probably 2 of the best we have seen, but the good news is that is clarified which house we will put an offer in on. That also helped by some putting an offer in on our house = Grrrreeat News!

Sunday was a nice day and consisted of some chores - not so good, but essential and somewhat enjoyable to tidy up some storage in the loft! How can so much stuff be squeezed into a small area! We really are hoarders! I think this task classed as an essential bank holiday weekend activity.

Monday we went to Moors Valley and we had a fab time with friends and family. The rain was a bit of a dampener but it still did not stop us and the picnic went ahead. = Great time!

So there you have it my GREAT weekend.
And now it is Tuesday and I have short week at Starfleet. I have paid off our summer holiday (the #2 holiday, I still have to pay for holiday #1).

I should be able to make a start on all house purchases/sales today! fingers crossed and I'll keep you posted

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