Monday, 24 May 2010

Mmmm Interesting!

...Well you might not think so, but I do. And by the fact that you are still reading this you must be hoping for a little of something interesting in your life, therefore any minuscule amount of "interesting" would suffice.

I missed out on a story a few weeks ago, and that is basically due to the fact that I have been rubbish at updating my blog. I don't know why but it seems that my work/life balance is askew at the moment and I need to address that. But don't fear I have got a course booked at work to address my life! However right now it feels like I need a life/life balance and work is partly a means to an ends but also a distraction from everything else in life. It helps that work is so busy as that I am fully distracted and I can be h0nest and say that I still want this job. However this week could deal me the card that says P45, but we just have to wait and see.

If you are not already then get on Spotify, get the latest version and share with your facebook friends. Always interesting to see what someone else playlist or most played song is. FYI my starred song is Fyfe Dangerfield, She's Always A Woman.

Another update, my son referred to his "first single" discussion last week and there was me thinking that it had fallen on deaf ears. He was worried that his first single was Geraldine McQueen, Once Upon a Christmas. I was pleased to inform him that actually that was brought for him so it doesn't count. The relief on our faces was clear to be seen by both of us! That leads me to another story... the reason we discovered that CD was that we were having a clear out leading to a car boot sale... as a result the loft looks a lot better, my wife has got rid of lots of tosh and we are £90 better off! We would have made even more money if my Mrs Stretch hadn't purchased more stuff we didn't need from other car-booters! To make it worse she brought some stuff off her friend who went with her (I didn't go till later as I had Daddy Day Care to run). I'm quite pleased I wasn't there as I then didn't need to fight off other "professional car-booters" that try to climb into your car whilst you are driving in and then haggle you down to 15p for an item that was clearly too expensive at 20p!! I also didn't then need to get enraged at the immigrants who have driven round the streets of Portsmouth collecting the charity bags from people's doorsteps before the official collectors can get them, just so they can then sell the clothes at the car boot sales.

I started writing about a story I missed out on writing a few weeks ago and as it turns out I am going to wait and share that story with you another time. I don't want you to get an information overload and declare this as TOO interesting.

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