Thursday, 13 May 2010


I have spent a good couple of hours today travelling to another Starfleet site. Surprisingly the traffic was good, the journey was good and the Kia Ceed was pleasurable. I have to say I was never expecting to say any of those, especially the latter.

My journey to another starfleet destination has resulted in several colleagues sat in a room together trying to determine if a new tool does the job for us and that has quickly disseminated into discussing everything else work related and has been a very therapeutic session. In summary; I really don't get out enough!

I think most people (general summarise coming up) try to work from home to achieve a greater output of work. I actually worked out yesterday that I needed to come into the office to get more done. I think that change in scenery is the catalyst, or maybe it was just the event of having to wear pants before midday???!!?

Of course we are all educated enough to know we have to embrace change, but sometimes we have to vent frustration especially the likes of "bandy ears" scenarios. And I have to apologise for that being an "internal joke" and one that will not be explained on my blog, but you might get a more detailed explanation from Golfy's blog!

So the update since my last blog is that we have lost our buyer for house, which means we can't currently pursue the house we want. That is actually sitting okay with us at the moment, however it was disappointing at the moment. Especially when it delays us getting chickens.

Well it is time for me to get on, "kindalike right"! :-)

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