Friday, 28 May 2010

I want one!

There are a couple of emails I enjoy getting every week, and then of course there are the rubbish ones and even lower than that is the mountains of spam. I sift through the rubbish ones and I even cast an eye over the spam, finding an email in there of interest is liking finding a bargain at the car boot.

Well my 2 emails are Martin's Money Saver email and Mike's list. Now Martin's email guides through how to save 20p at Tesco by buying a CD you don't want but you get more money back in vouchers - a prime example. You find the odd nugget of information, but more importantly I feel like I am doing my bit in this time of recession and in most cases if people vote with their feet then retailers will listen. I would love to think that I can have this impact on fuel, but I don't feel so positive about that. Saying that there is on more email and that is my petrolprices - fantastic and a necessity for anyone with a car!

Now with Mike's List this is an information overload of gadgets, mostly pointless ones but never less we will probably have them as essentials in our house in 5 years time! There are also the humorous items, and here are just a couple;
  • The item I want and really is for boys who like toys - bike
  • The movie you have to watch - Baby
  • The blog to read - wish you were here

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