Thursday, 21 April 2011

Better late than never

We got our invite through yesterday for Kate and William's wedding.  Luckily enough I have Friday off work next week and I have not yet schedulded anything in.

We only have seats in the Gods actually top right, but the view from the top should be amazing albeit quite impersonal but it will be better for the kids to be away from the commotion.  It will be good to catch up with some old friends from the past.

HM Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kin...

I can certainly imagine the National Anthem will be almost like the Queen's swansong with Kate quickly coming up the ranks.  Actually I have to say Happy Birthday Ma'am.  I hope you have a lovely day.

The evening reception will be interesting and fun, getting through the crowds of press will not be enjoyable, but you have to lap it up I guess.  The theme for the wedding reception is surprisingly The Circus.  And guests will be in fancy dress.  I have only done fancy dress for one other wedding reception and it did surprisingly work quite well.  I guess the costumes will become a discussion point and will distract the press from other finer mishaps that might occur on the day.  My costume is going to be a Circus Strongman, unfortunately I didn't have enough notice to grow the mustache which I would have loved to have done and I might do that this year for Movember.  But I will slick back my hair, don my vest and leopard print shorts and high socks and away I go.  I have worked out that my son will be a monkey.  He will look quite fitting on my shoulder.  Mrs Stretch is not too sure on her outfit, her bigger priority is the outfit for the wedding rather than the reception - women have their priorities skewed.  I did suggest the bearded lady, but she wasn't too interested in that idea!

So anyway now you know what my dream was about last night, it was quite detailed and vivid.

On the other side of my brain was the thoughts from my discussion with last nights taxi driver.  He is going to be a Sports Journalist once he finishes University.  And we discussed how they are viewed as Gods in the US, but vermin in the UK.
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