Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Day in the City

So here it is Day 2 on the “Step it up” week.
It seems things actually can get worse!  I always underestimate how much harder things get as you move upwards in the organisational chart.  Not that I actually appear as a name on the chart but my number is there.  So whilst I have aspirations I forget about that extra effort required.  I guess the initial exertion takes more toll and effort and then it is just the maintaining of that new tempo, as I am sure Usain Bolt would tell you!  And as Mr Bolt would say “Where are my nuggets?”
So anyway my aspiration is to move up the monkey puzzle tree aka Organisation Chart, and my mentor (whom is my wise squirrel character to my Kung Fu Panda) has been helping me to shake the tree to see what falls out.  I would like to feel that I have actually been working towards this goal with certainly my training at work and personal life and I have been making the right noises.  But sometimes they say you won’t move up if you are good at what you do (they don’t say that to me lol).  Now I have just been multi-tasking and completing the next module in my Leading education and I have just read that as part of the new working environment that everyone is considered to be a leader and engage in acts of leadership, so it seems I can move up the responsibility tree but maybe not the organisation tree.  All the responsibility, but with no reward!?  There does seem to be a new shift whereby we fill spaces created above us but continue with our day jobs.  So does that mean that they have finally worked out that some management posts were irrelevant?  I found out this morning that my taxi driver earns the same amount as me!  So that is my redundancy path lined up if I get caught out!

So I am currently sat on the train writing my blog…not that I can publish it at the moment as I don’t have any of those mod-cons, but I can write in advance for publishing at my first opportunity.  It does appear that I am sat in the subdued carriage.  It seems that half-term is having an impact on the travellers.  There is probably a correlation between the sunshine and contentedness of workers.  Which explains why most people like sitting by a window, or if there is no advantage to the window seat, due to lack of view light then they would chose the seat with the most space.  For regular flyers (you will have tired arms) but you will also notice this.
And then someone farted!!  Seriously you have a captive audience and you subject us all to your uncontrollable bowel movements!
There is also likely to be a link between the 4 day week and happiness and also the Royal Wedding.  So will the Happiness brigade be looking at these impacts and observations and updating their spreadsheet?  Now seriously that is a job I would like.  I actually got an invite to a “Clowning Masterclass”, now the film “In Pursuit of Happiness” was a great film, and I always forget to add it to my top film list, but I don’t pursue happiness - I just am!  Although Mrs Stretch would joke about how I am not and in fact she would say that I am generally the opposite and should be in the Christmas grumpy old men show.  But I don’t need Mr Cameroon, and what would probably be a yellow T-shirt wearing troop (it has to be yellow to psychologically be linked to happiness), to tell me what I need to do to be happy.

And finally I can breathe again!

I managed to see The Expendables at the end of last week with an all star cast  of Sly Stallone, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzy (for all of 5 minutes), Jason Stratham, Mickey Rourke and the girl from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I have to say this is actually a very good film.  It is not the best acting but actually for a action movie the effects and pyrotechnics are good and filming in Brazil is stunning which makes you want to go there.

I am interested to see if Golfy continues in what appears to be his attempt at 750words again.

Has anyone noticed how there seems to be more “Two and a half men” programmes on TV now that Charlie Sheen has received more publicity?

How many people catch a train at Hinchley Wood?  And I wonder if I have actually caught the correct train today as I can’t remember that stop before and we are now on a single train track, but hey-ho - It can’t get any worse – can it?!?

It’s okay I’ve just seen a familiar landmark.

So I now most go and complete my training module and populate my reporting spreadsheet which luckily seems to have more Greens than Reds which means my meeting tomorrow might not be so bad.

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  1. Stretch, I have caught the train from Hinchley Wood on a number of occasions. I used to work there and used to take the train back up to Motspur Park. If I recall correctly it was better to travel all the way up to Wimbledon and then take the train back to Motspur via Raynes Park.