Monday, 18 April 2011

Step it up

So this weeks sees me covering my new boss.  The handover was a bit light due to the fact it was a new boss so they didn't actually know what they were doing - there admission, not my accusation.  It seems my new boss is actually going to be a good'un!  So now I am trying to kick people's shins and complete tedious reports and all of that fandangled stuff that managers do with no praise.  All of this I have to do on top of my job (of course).  I am certainly not looking forward to the extra travelling and the definitely not one particular meeting.

On the outside of the glass-walled building, I have been DIYing in the garden!  And my back is feeling it today!  I have scrubbing and jet washing the decking and I still have LOTS more to do to get it clean and then I can stain it - oh joy!  And yesterday I painted the garden walls, boy that was tedious but at points therapeutic!  The result is apparent already.  Now with the paint drying tonight I have the joy of putting the garden back straight.  I did manage to get the BBQ out... looked at it, admired it, imagined cooking on it, cleaned it a bit... and then put it away!  All rather dull really!  Hopefully I can use it soon.

Sunday saw my return to the band after taking 3 months off to help with raising the ickle one.  It was good to be back however much the sound team struggled and the in-ears were tetchy to understate it!  Talking of ickle ones, the baby dedication is booked in and the BBQ and picnic has been booked at Manor Farm Country Park.  Now I need to book the nice weather.

This week however busy and however much I need to waterboard a certain person at Starfleet to get more information out of them!  I need more information and they need 21 designs completed in 2 weeks... mmmm!  Oh, and this is a 4 day week and I am on leave next week!!... mmmm!

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