Wednesday, 20 April 2011

If only people were colour blind

Actually I only hope my customer was colour blind.  It seems my report was wrong which I kept on telling the people who gave it to me and eventually they have agreed with me.  Now what was mostly green has turned red!  Also the first iteration of the report was sent back by the customer because there was something quite key missing – a piece of work that I assume he wants to “discuss rigorously”.  Yesterday ended up being a day of excuses and apologies.  And all were coming my way which meant some of them I just had to tie with a pretty ribbon and pass to the customer.  Some of the excuses did make me laugh (I was bitten by a fly), some were sadder (a friend died) whereas some were just boring and some poor.  Now I will have a nice call to India this morning to kick some shins.  I don’t know if I am doing a good job in my day 3 of stepping up, but I am starting to enjoy it.  However my meeting today with the customer will remind me why I did a negotiation course.

I am starting think that Southern commuters are dull, and that comes from someone who is one.  I have heard that other commuters have discussions on the trains, whereas I am sat in silence.  Actually the train seems quite empty today, now I am sure I got the right train today (I think), so maybe people have started their leave.  And with the talk of a heat wave coming this weekend that is good.

I wish I had a camera always with me – there is a lovely view out of the window of a hot air balloon a few hundred feet off the ground with the sun emanating through a cloud behind it and the mist still lifting off the ground which has a dew shimmer.

Well hopefully the weekend will give me an opportunity to take some more pictures.  The only challenge I now have is carrying a big DSLR (Nikon D5000) round my neck whilst trying to juggle children.  However much I love my children do they not realise how much I love my camera?  Luckily I also have a decent point and shoot - Lumix FS100 (I think that is the right code, although it is kind of irrelevant unless you are looking to duplicate my life).  I would be tempted to carry a P&S round with me whilst I do my day job, but my bag is laden enough as it is, and Mrs Stretch occasionally (never enough) gets pictures of the ankle biters.  Talking of weekends, (are you struggling to follow my brain – maybe you can get a mind map blog app?) we are off to Norfolk to see the in-laws.  This should be nice they have a nice house with a lovely garden and it becomes a great base for going out on adventures from there.  I am not sure if it will be warm enough for the kids to go swimming in the sea but a beach trip might be on the cards.  And we have started getting in the habit of hiring a boat on the broads each time we go up.  There is of course Dinosaur World, which isn’t quite Jurassic Park as in the film, but for 2 year olds it is probably very close from their perception.

So it turns out that I used to work with my taxi driver who picked me up this morning.  This is starting to get quite worrying that maybe my destiny is unveiling in front of me!  I am luckily just thinking that if is the case then the potential photo opportunities that I am seeing along this train journey this morning are outweighing the thoughts of being a taxi driver.  Unfortunately the chances of making money out of photography are beyond my current comprehension.  Even the photographer I worked with at the last wedding had gone back from being a professional photographer to working in Comet selling cameras and he wasn’t a young “whipper-snapper” and just doing photography as a past-time.  That is a sad way to go.  Whereas me going from IT to taxi driving would not be a huge shakeup (except for the disappointment to myself) – who am I kidding this is not happening.  I am going to be a Vicar next! ;-)

P.S. To better improve my day I received an easter egg upon arrival to work.

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