Thursday, 29 April 2010

And the clock keeps ticking

I am still sat in the training session which I have discovered has too many "pricers" which means we discuss points that I initially find irrelevant/boring, however by the end of the conversation about some finance number crunching exercise we get to a somewhat useful revelation. Okay, it is less useful but still a revelation.

When you do so much of this training you start to realise how little you know!

I have now managed to get enrolled on the Starfleet development programme, which might lead me to get my wings on my sleeve. Of course that all takes time which I need to find.

Betty is getting towed away today and then in a couple of days time I should find out how much damage and how long to be repaired! Until then I have to cope with driving a Kia Ceed... okay it has got lots of gadgets but it is "plastic-fantastic"! Worst case scenario is Betty is a right off and I have to wait for a few months for a new car again!! aaagghhh

The training continues and I am start to identify a theme to the ties - african animals???

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