Monday, 7 June 2010

all fished out

well what a palaver that was... we were all set to go and then the skippers wife got ill (how inconsiderate), but hooray she got well enough to let us go out a bit later so we did manage to get out and do a good 5 hours fishing! However we did not catch a single fish!! I did win the day by catching a snail and that was the best!!!

It was slightly more reassuring that we didn't see anyone else in other boats catch anything either, and the word on the streets (or harbours) is that there is a problem with too much seaweed from France causing a problem and everyone is struggling! Of course some people are a bit more successful!

Although there was a lack of fish it was still great fun and I got to use my new kit! I just wanted some mackerel for the BBQ!

So now instead it is back to work for a FULL week - moans... But I have a good weekend to look forward to with a Stag trip to Liverpool to play football and then a night out in 'Pool to watch the first England game - cause unlike most of my readers (actually all 2 readers) I do like football! Shouts of "Calm Down" will be heard for miles!

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