Thursday, 24 June 2010

What Football?

So apparently there was a football match yesterday. The pivotal, crucial match between England and Slovenia that England really had to win or alternatively draw with lots of other factors going in there favour. it's a good thing we didn't need to rely on favour as that didn't go our way and a late goal from USA would have resulted in lots of tears and sulks (not that the British ever sulk). It was a good performance it was good to have Rooney finding the ball and having some fun with it, unfortunately that is now 8 games in a row he hasn't scored for England and a goal is definitely needed. Gerard was very good, Lampard was ok but as normal went missing through the match, and then Barry was great, Milner played really well but was dead on his feet and could have done with coming off with 20 mins to go. Joe Cole was not his usual good self and I wonder if his transfer at home is putting pressure on him to perform. Upson was hmmm... debatable with the exception of one good tackle. Ashley Cole was ok, Glenn Johnson was great in defence and up and down the wing and should definitely never have been booked. David James made us put our heads in our hands, more than Rob Green can do without the fear of dropping that. And John Terry was phenomenal! Give the man the captaincy! I never thought at the time that JT should have lost the captains armband. Ok, he cocked up and it meant we lost a player out of the England squad, but that was due to their British sulking and they shot themselves in the foot. But surely no player on that pitch can be captain if we are judging them on past mistakes!? Even Lampard is dating Christine Bleakley and that must be wrong! To see JT throw his head at a shot, surely that must be putting your head on the line! That is leadership, that is what we want from Starfleet management! And then there was Defoe, whom I nearly forgot. I am sure he forgot he was on the pitch at some point, but others he was great. He was chasing no hopes (not Slovenians), shutting down options, and of course scoring a goal.

So now our route (thanks to the Americans) is a tough one. We have Germany on Sunday, with the possible route being against Argentina, followed by Spain, then onto the Final. We never do make it easy for ourselves! But at least we might play well or at least go out against a decent opposition. I was wondering yesterday if we play better against better opposition. When a Premiership team plays against a Division 2 or 3 side they often struggle, get kicked on and finally off the pitch, and either there is a giant killing or the top-dog stumble through. Slovenians yesterday were a Div 2 team, most of their players actually play in countries' division 2 teams so I am not meaning to be derogatory. So maybe we get a premiership performance when we play against a premier opponent. At least we might be the under dog and we can play the counter football, or have more space to play football.

But anyway somehow this was dwarfed by Tennis. Mrs Stretch is an avid fan of Wimbledon and goes every year. However she is unlikely to be going this year as she is struggling with the baking that she is doing internally and the journey, plus heat, plus crowds, plus numb bum on a plastic seat is not her idea of fun at the moment. She just wants cola icepoles and exotic fruit. You would like to think that Starfleet would have some perk with Wimbledon, but alas our force is not that strong. Unfortunately I missed the Germany football match yesterday as there was the longest game of tennis EVER yesterday, and it has still not finished! The final set in fact is longer than any other tennis match. The number sets played so far is more than Serena Williams played to win the tournament last year. And did I mention it is still not finished?! I hope they can both walk and they are able to continue the match today and I disagree with McEnroe, no I don't think it should be continued on Centre court.

It was worth noting that the scoreboard could not cope with score yesterday, either that or the guy working it had given up - I wonder if that was a Starfleet problem. Also of note the umpire did not take a "courtesy break" throughout the whole game!! It was the commentators first gig, and Court 18 match was supposed to ease him in!!

As an aside, why do I always sit in the same seat in a hotdesk office?? Why does the guy that slurps soup at lunchtime always sit opposite me so I have to put my headphones on to block out the noise.

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