Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Another day, another dollar

So another day sees another stint in Starfleet HQ. I am trying with my new lessons learnt of a healthy work-life balance and my morning blog will also consist of my reflection and actions for the day. There are some things in life that are great when you learn that it is supposedly good to just pick the things that you want to do but there are also things that you have to do. Unfortunately I think I have one of those days when I just need to chase people, and it won't be as eventful or as enjoyable as a Benny Hill scene.

It seems that work is going to become comparable to the Mary Celeste http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_Celeste with most of my colleagues finding new adventures to enjoy. I am hoping that blogging will still keep us connected and networked as I need these guys for when the opportunity comes in many years time when I need a new role and they are VP :-)

I realised yesterday that I had actually become bored of the worldcup. I had started off very keen, with organising sweepstakes, printing out my wall chart and doing my predictions. However yesterday I watched about 10 minutes of the Brazil game and then turned over. I also didn't watch the England game - that might be a very good thing from the reports that I have heard. It is not as bad as it sounds and I am still a loyal England fan, I listened to it on the radio whilst driving. It was a clever plan to avoid traffic and it worked. On Friday it took me nearly 3 hours to drive to Eastbourne and the return was only an hour. I definitely preferred the hour version. I also did see some England highlights and they were clever highlights as England did not look so bad. The radio commentators made it sound really bad. I think if the 2nd England goal was allowed, things could have been very different. England would not have had to been pushing for another goal and left themselves open at the back for conceding the 3rd and 4th goal. I am not saying they should have won or even deserved to have won, especially after the way they played through the qualifiers and I hope they don't use the "goal that never was" as an excuse for their exit. The question remains, "should Capello go?" No I don't think he should, but he should have a pay cut. Actually I don't think any part-time England manager should be paid £6 million. Surely would we would be better off with someone who would want the title of England Manager rather then wanting the big pay cheque. I can understand getting paid for the role, but as a leader that is what you are instilling into your players. I think Harry Rednapp would be a good England manager and I think his track record can prove his style. He managed Portsmouth very successfully and really did turn Tottenham around. I know he as history when it comes to finances, but as England manager he would not be involved in that side of things. The part that sickens me is that if FIFA get rid of Capello he would get some outrageous payout, Come On FIFA wake up and do a contract based on success and put lots of get out clauses in there!

Maybe I am whittling on and that might be the problem when you are trying to type 750 words, but then I need a target and I need a driver. You can probably tell from my reflective style of writing at the moment that I am seeking something, and I am hoping that work will provide that something. I love that a footballer can give a "come and get me" plea, and I need to do the same. But I just need to ascertain where it is I need to go. I think a conversation with my manager will definitely be happening upon his return. It is not helpful when a big project (supposedly the biggest for this quarter) gets scrapped at the 11th hour and it is all due to Mr Cameron. Actually maybe I can't blame Mr C, it should actually be the fault of Gordon Brown (the man that never should have been Prime Minister). I do feel that he got us into this predicament and another term of Labour would have consisted of lots of double sided sticky tape to try and fix the problem. I don't know if it is good that the cut backs are coming now and I think we will all feel the pinch in the end. So I am off to sip my water and find my dried dog biscuit for my lunch!

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  1. Mr Stretch, Might I be so presumptious to recommend that you peruse this http://badmansjournal.blogspot.com/2010/05/power-of-no.html in your attempt to control work flow. We say "No" to our kids more than we say it to our colleagues. Is that right? Who really deserves that amount of lenience?