Tuesday, 22 June 2010

A week flys by

...or rather it can drag.
It seems my ability to update my blog regularly is in question, and I am sure my reader subscription list proves that fact! If it was the new year then I would probably be doing my resolutions on how I will better at blogging, however it is not and even if it was it probably won't last more than a week as a resolution. I am sure last year I was going to learn piano, and before that I was going to get fit, and you will know that that has still not happened!!

Today sees me connecting up to skype. There were a couple of drivers for me doing this;
Firstly, I was updating my add-ons in facebook. My browser was dragging and I wanted to make sure all plugins and updates were up-to-date and also see what the latest add-on was. This presented me with wisestamp and a seemingly very useful tool that it is and of course skype, which is probably an essential for most people. Or at least one of those tools that most people have downloaded and got installed but are now no longer using.

Secondly, my best mate "Knobby" is off to Oz next week as a recon. This is received with mixed feelings... I am gutted that he might be going, even if it will take him 6 months for him and the family to go. I am pleased for him for making the move, I am jealous that he is doing it, and I am upset that I didn't know sooner as I would have joined him on the recon. On Radio 2 yesterday in advance of the budget today, a listener said "The debt is only my problem, if I still live here!". It seems the consensus on the call for most public sector employees was to leave the country. Of course that only works for policemen and nurses, the tax collectors are quite rightly stuffed and stuck on the mantelpiece. I tried to work out whether I can line up interviews both with starfleet and others to join Knobby on the recon, but alas I couldn't line up enough to justify the trip. I could justify it to myself but Mrs Stretch thought it was too much of a jolly without having activities lined up. Although she is up for the option of emigrating she would prefer Canada rather than Oz, and the conversations have now moved around to moving to Norfolk - not quite the land of surf, fosters and BBQ!

Now seeing as I have updated you with a couple of new toys/gadgets, I also need to mention to you another one. As one of my readers was made aware today of VieraCast. There are already some good reasons to buy Panasonic (mostly because they are good quality and a reknowned make), but if you get a choice get a device with vieracast. My bluray player has this and it is good! Not VERY good, just good for now as it still needs more options (video on demand is coming) but it is still handy to watch my youtube movies and photo albums.

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