Friday, 25 June 2010

Short but sweet

This will be unfortunately one of those days when I foresee not being able to get my 750 words done. Oh well, I won't beat myself up about it, life happens!

I am currently sat in a converted convent now used for Starfleet, actually I am sat in the loft conversion which is all quite nice and civilised and luckily the aircon is whirring away but badly for the environment it was already going when I arrived and that was about an hour before my workshop was scheduled to start - bad boy whoever left it on! But it did help with making the room nice and cool, which this meeting will benefit from!

It seems that not everyone agrees with starting the meeting the time, or even turning up on time. Do they not realise that I have driven in and had to get up with an hour starting with 6 and boy had a bad night which meant not getting much sleep at all. Also not helped by Mrs Stretch being out last night and me waiting up for her to get home, all in all Stretch is a tired boy this morning! And then not impressed that the person who has organised this meeting has not turned up.

So I have a day of this workshop and then a drive home, take the youngest swimming and pick up the eldest, load up the car and then off to Eastbourne to see the family. All busy and tiring day, but this weekend is the party for my Nan's birthday party.
In fact it is my Nan's 90th birthday so it is quite rightly going to be a huge family gathering. I say huge as I believe most of Nan's family will be there and she can reel off how many children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and great great grandchildren she has, but I have no idea! It will be nice to see most people, of course there are there the family members that you never want to be stuck in a lift with. There are always the eccentrics, the drunks, the mentally challenged and that is just my parents - LOL! It will be an interesting time, my Mum has organised it all and we have a church hall to use, we will then be dressing the room and having tea and cakes/scones which will be a vain attempt to be a high tea. So it will be nice, busy, fun and I have the bonus of seeing my brother, and his family which is rare treat. He is only based in Leicester but that is 3 hour drive and not quite feasible for a day trip.

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