Thursday, 24 June 2010


I am not so pleased to announce that my starfleet nemesis has indeed brought soup and is ready to slurp! My headphones are on, my iTunes is set to ease me through for the next 10 minutes! I think he might have noticed the headphones making an appearance at the sametime has his slurping!! GOOD! :-) In a conscious effort to check that I have spelt nemesis correctly, I actually googled it. It is sad to say that I have to do this a few times throughout blogging in a conscious effort to try and stop some spelling mistakes - 750words doesn't seem to have a spell check facility and I think the process is to type your thoughts rather than worry about spelling. Anyway my google search revealed that there is a "Nemesis Appreciation Day". This has to be something I explore further another day!

But for now I go back to listening to Barenaked Ladies (of whom I am a big fan) and avoid slurping noise!

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