Thursday, 8 April 2010

All about the money

I have to admit that it is a shame that Manchester Utd went out of the Champions League. I am not a fan of Man Utd, in fact they are only slightly higher than Arsenal in my distaste. But to not have an English team in the Champions League is a loss. This is the first time in 7 years that we have not an English team in the final of the Champions League.

Only to say that a team is "English" is a creative licence. I think there might have been 3 English players last night, another Irish and of course a Scottish Manager. Actually that is fairly high for most teams these days. But the sooner we are forced to play the majority of home grown players the better. When it comes to Portsmouth I think most fans are asking for their Portsmouth born and bred players to play. As the fans know they will have passion that you can't get from just being paid a 6 digit salary.

Talking of getting paid lots of money, I have to give a big mention to Rooney last night. I was/am worried that him being played last night was ruining the chances of England in the World Cup. But for a player who wants to play whatever the pain, that is the determination that you want.

Note to all you avid fans - only 63 days to the World Cup! I wish Starfleet was more closely linked sometimes so we could do sweepstakes. You never know we might see each again in 2010.


  1. I'm sure you could slap together an online sweepstake couldn't you ??

  2. I have found the link, I will raise it on our next Starfleet call