Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Crackle on the line

I think I am currently sat on the worst conference calls that I have ever been on. No-one could dial in early as there was another meeting running late. It has started over 15 minutes late as they managed to initially have an echo on the line, then they got the speaker to logoff and then dial back in. Unfortunately the line was then full so the speaker couldn't get back in. They decided that everyone needed to logoff so that the speaker could then get in. Eventually we all got in and then they just cut off everyone off (well at least me). Now the presenter it talking about where his mouse is pointing to. Now after 25 minutes they have cancelled the call as there is a "crackle on the line". This is seriously one of those times you want a TIM to actually see how much money has been lost by Starfleet.

So to bring you all up to speed the weekend involved the first bike outing of the year. But more importantly it involved the first bike outing for the family. I sacrificed my mountain bike and offered it up to the powers that be so it can be used as a family carrier. I know this doesn't compare to having to sacrifice your small 2 seater sports car which is probably convertible for an over-sized family van which is probably now diesel but it has every safety feature your wife ever wanted to protect the family... but for me this is close. My trusty steed that has seen a few off road adventures was now being broken in with a child seat. However I do believe I chose well with the child seat as it comes off really easily. Don't worry it doesn't come whilst you are cycling and have a child in the seat, that would be ludicrous. The boys did well on the bikes, Mrs A however was a bit more wary. I often heard shouts behind me of "don't stop!" as it seemed balancing was harder when going slower. This was a consideration I made before I put the child seat on Mrs A's bike.

I have to say the worst thing about cycling is getting there. No I don't mean the whole cycle as that would be pointless, but just manoeuvring the family through traffic and past idiots who can't drive and certainly don't have any considerations for bikes. But once you are off road that is when the freedom begins except for the avoidance of some dips and the odd unruly dog which can't be controlled by it's walker. But they add to the excitement. So now the roof rack has been ordered for "Betty" and once I have confirmed it is the right size for her (I didn't realise that ordering a roof rack was more difficult than ordering a bra for the wife), then I will get the bike carriers and I can then follow Scobi down the M27 causing delays behind me ;-)

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