Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Mentored and Motivated

Well I have delayed my posting today for a good reason.  Today I have been mentored by very own Jedi Master at Starfleet.  What I thought would be either a possible tick box exercise by both of us to achieve a better ranking or a waste of time felt by all as we discussed some nomical subject, actually turned out to be neither.  We through the rule book out and actually worked what I could adventure into in the future.  Of course it is all good to talk about these things, but we still need to get the "powers that be" to agree to them.

Unfortunately I recieved bad news yesterday, one of my Starfleet comrades is leaving our delta flight force to join another obviously not so good squadron.  Mr Wan Kenobi will be missed, as the force is strong with this one, but I have to say it will be good for all (you can tell I have been mentored!).  As my "buddy" when I joined Starfleet he perhaps did try to reduced my confusion levels, but the "squirrel" within still emerged! :-)

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