Thursday, 8 April 2010

The Science of Urinal Choice

It always amazes me how some people can not follow or understand the law of the Urinal Choice.  Statistics show that you would not chose the Urinal next to someone else unless that was the last choice available.
 Maybe too much thought has gone into this, and for me I find it natural to chose the best urinal.  And the best urinal is not selected by close inspection, however you also don't want to be standing in someone else's pee!  ...especially in flip-flops!  But that is a summers day discussion where we will bring up the pungent smell that comes from a public urinal that would keep a skunk with a blocked nose away!

I think every architect should be taught the science of Urinal Choice and if it is not a mandatory subject at University, then it should be.  I might write to my MP and see if they can raise this in the house of commons.  However as a female MP, I think this will be lost on her.  I know if I had a time machine this would have now become my dissertation subject.  My biggest dilema is when there is a 4 bowl urinal formation and 1 and 4 is taken, do you take 2 or 3?

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