Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Where has all the time gone

I seem to struggle with finding time.  My work day can fluctuate and Starfleet I think assume that you will be either busy or REALLY busy.  There are quiter times in the year whereby most of the Officers in Starfleet swan off, and the minions end up "vannin" so you are left ticking everything over and still do more than the required quota of work.  And then there are times when we are battle stations i.e. end of year and you seem to do the work of 2 people for 2 weeks in 1 day.  But I love it all, actually I prefer the busier for short bursts.

Mrs A has decided that we should move house.  What a strange saying "move house", if it was a caravan this could be an option but we have not succumb to that yet.  Actually I think Mrs A would lift and shift this house if she could.  In the years we have lived here we have changed from being young nippers who wanted the ease of nipping into town as city dwellers, to wanting to nip for a walk or bike ride and keep the kids out of the hustle and bustle.  And of course we want to come home and be able to park in our road - not fussy about parking outside the house, I realised I had to sacrifice that luxury a few months after moving here.  I should have knocked on the neighbours doors before buying and asked them how many cars they had. i.e. next door have 3 cars and a van.... grrrr, grumble, grumble.

So now our evenings are spent with searching on every reputable house moving website for what could be our next house.  And like every good relationship, I give a budget of what our limit is, and within 2 weeks Mrs A has added another 20% to search criteria.  Our "after work" times - which are limited by my working day, are often taken up by house viewings.  However we are both rather demoralised by the house options at the moment, our search radius is getting wider by geography, style, options, bedrooms just so we might actually find OUR house.  It seems we can actually increase our mortgage drastically and get a smaller house, just for the sake of allocated parking.

But our evenings are made thinner by the fact that Mrs A has 2 evening jobs, no not stacking shelves!  She has a rather fancy meeting role for school governors and I am very proud of her.  But that tends to take up the rare commodity of time.  Then I have band practice tonight, oh and I should be practing in my SPARE time.  And to fill up the rest of the day we have a 1 year old who seems to require all time as a precursor to everything

P.S. my new blogging tool does not have a spell check, so I think I might have to revert to the less widget'd tool.  Not that it would make any difference to my content

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