Friday, 23 April 2010

The Time Is...

The Time is...
...Gone. Well at least you would think so. I was lying in a half comatosed state last night thinking I must update my blog, and I am pleased to announce that my avid followers are actually prompting me for more. I feel like I have stepped into the shoes of JK Rowling! I kept coming up with thoughts whilst trying to get some "zzz's", however I have woken with a tabula rasa - wow that brings back memories of my University days discussing the works of John Locke and the nature versus nurture debates, we really did have too much time on our hands.

...this week!
This week has really shot past. I have managed to keep my head down and beaver away at Starfleet, none of my efforts have made me feel any better about the plight of Trooper reductions which is still looming.
I managed to watch District 9 last night, which I have to say was brilliant! And I went and played football only for the second time this year and we ended up playing for 2 hours! Surprisingly I felt okay on Tuesday and went for a nice long walk. However on Wednesday I woke to be reminded of my age. I managed to get another walk in even if it was for just 30 minutes. At this rate I will be all set for the Marathon on Sunday.

I have a Starfleet gathering by intergalatic communication for a selected fleet. I don't know if it will be needed but it should hopefully be enlightening. Also Mrs A has a job interview. It is not a job she needs, I would rather she is at home looking after the family, but she will be great at aything she puts her hand too.

I heard on TV yesterday actually on CSI (which normally states some drone and always finds that fingerprint from 300 years ago that was missed before). "Parents only allow their children to go a tenth of what Parents allowed 9 years ago". Paraphrased. As a Parent I know how that feels and it disappoints me that we live in a time when my kids can't have the same freedom as I had as a kid.

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