Monday, 12 April 2010

The circle of life

So it unfortunately comes round again.  What was the weekend has come and gone and alas I am back staring at my laptop screen.  It doesn't help that I get a text message on Monday morning saying there is a poker night on Friday night, so now I have in my head a count down on days until my next adventure out of Starfleet.  As it turns out the Mrs A has declared that I can't go.  Instead we are out with "her" friends for a birthday gathering.  This gabbling gathering of girls was formed many years when they are all worked together.  Now life has evolved, and what was formed by depression of female singleton and desperation of needing company formed around ice cream and girlie movies has now changed.  All girls have fellas, and most have kids.  There is often so comment about how they don't stay in touch, and there will have been some event that someone else from the group was not invited too and now they feel left out of the gang, they are probably attending this night out, out of obligation and so they don't get missed out next time.

It is a shame that things change and I wish I was still in contact with many people from my past, but it is only natural that you move on and so do they.  Normally my Mum tells me about how she has bumped into one of my old friends from school and gets me an update to their life, it is always great to hear how they are doing and you can normally tell how much they mean to you by whether you are pleased by their success or feel a bit prouder when you have somehow achieved a "one-up" on them.  Of course you would never wish them harm, but I knew that that time they nicked my pack lunched in year 3 would come back to haunt them!
I have to say that if I had many followers of my website then I would probably resist from the writing any of that, and if by any chance you have googled and found me then no offence is meant.  It is just my normal Monday morning grumble.  How can I try to fool myself - I grumble every morning, today is no different, and now you can feel a bit prouder :-)

On a lighter note before I drag you all down into my myther, I actually had my first BBQ of the year.  So that means it is now time for the man to start cooking again.  There is the prehistoric urge that overcomes a man, with the site of flames and cooking outside and of course it is has to be a meat feast!  At what other time of having dinner guests round would you keep plying them with more meat?  Of course you always try that small experiment or pompous gesture, the seasoned kebab, the herb'd sausage, the jalapeno'd burger specially made or ordered from the butcher and of course the Malin fish you caught last night, wrapped in banana leaves, covered in lemon and salt.  But to tell you the truth I love it all!

I need to go now because personally you know you are flagging in this circle of life, when you start thinking about what new desktop or persona you can load up to vary your life which seeems to be taken up by being sat in the same chair again (which must be getting butt grooves by now) and to stop you getting screen blindness!

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