Tuesday, 6 April 2010

A Weekend of events

You will soon get to realise that the chance of me doing a blog at a weekend is really slim! It is a rarity for me to turn on a laptop at the weekend and long may that last. Of course I could do a blog from my fandangled iPhone if I had one, but I don't. And call me tight, but all the time that starfleet provide me with me a comms device for a minimal cost then that is not going to change. I want a phone to... yes, phone people! and of course the obligatory text. Where would we ever be without texting. We would have to make plans and stick to them. When we say we will meet at 10am outside that shop, then we will just have to be there and if we are late then the other person might just have to wait for 10 minutes.
Of course everything these days is about saving time. At starfleet we have TLAs (three letter acronyms) for everything just so we can save that .25 of a second by not having to say the whole word. Of course we normally have to then say what it stands for as someone has not read their Klingon dictionary of TLAs, and even when you do then know the TLA you don't understand what they are technically talking about. To save more time we have pre-washed lettuce, VIP queues where you pay more to queue up in a shorter queue than Joe Public. My Satnav gives me a choice of Shortest route or fastest route, my bike has now got more gears than all of the bikes in our street as a kid put together.
Talking of doing things quickly, I ordered my wife's birthday presents on line. I am great admirer of Amazon. So I saved time, getting dressed, walking to my car, having to drive to town, find a parking space which is not going to cost me £5 and fight through crowds and get served by some useless customer adviser aka shop assistant who has not been shown the basics of how to put your goods in a bag. This is a major bugbear of mine when it comes to a nice new shirt that I have brought and they SHOVE it in a bag. Anyway, my time savings efforts backfired when this weekend my wife opened her present which was some expensive perfume only to spend 10 minutes trying to work out if it actually was a fake. At the moment it really looks and smells like it is. So now rather than having the easy/fast job of taking the urine sample within a perfume bottle back to town I now have to deal with some kid at the end of an email trying to establish if I can have a refund... grrr!!
On another point Betty (the VW Golf - but of course you would know that if you had read the Klingon bible) had her first big drive this weekend and I have to say she made me very proud!

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