Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Eventful day

Well I am currently in training for the latest abacus to be used at Starfleet. The instructures tie is still a delight to behold!

However getting here was a bit more of a challenge, I walked to my car this morning only to discover that someone had hit her last night, and hit her quite hard! They then drove off, however luckily enough a taxi driver recorded their details left me a note on windscreen and called the police - so for that I will take back all the bad things I have ever said about Taxi drivers and the slate is clean (Tabula Rasa). The car appears to be undriveable and I took that from advisement from my local mechanic. Although the damage initially appears to be just a dent to the bodywork above the wheel arch, the other driver managed to hit the car up the kerb and that has bent the wheel axel - and it does look like a bad buckled wheel! So now my car that was not even a month old is being towed away tomorrow... and I now have a Ford Focus until I get a summary of the damage! Surely Starfleet won't be taking away my wings for long???

back to the ties and training!!

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