Thursday, 15 April 2010

Sun is shining

Well the world keeps on turning and the sun is shining! Today is a good day and every attempt is being made not to a miserable old man! :-) I have both my boys here today at home and Mrs A is going to take them out for the day and although you could think I would be miserable about being stuck at home whilst the family is out playing, I am actually ok with it all. If the temperature rises by a couple of degrees I will actually be out in the garden working.

I am randomly exploring new music on Spotify (great tool) and have currently got Rascal Flatts playing and it sounds like an original that would have been revamped for an American Idol contestant at some point. I have to admit my music tastes are a bit random. I always feel that I stepped in the world of music a bit late in life...I led a sheltered upbringing... being raised with Cliff Richard and Enya!! Which meant there was more reason to not have music on then than to. That was until my brother purchased a Queen album - it was A Kind of Magic Live That really changed things for me and suddenly my Rolf Harris album didn't have the same appeal. Although about 15 years later at University I got to see Rolf Harris live and he didn't disappoint. Other albums in my life that I have to mention are

And of course everyone has to mention there first single and this is something I have to instill into my eldest son, as I think that point in life has come when he needs to chose. He has already brought his first album. And I think this (the first single) has to be a wise choice. The "first single" question is a common subject and one that defines you amongst friends. You rarely get asked who your first comic, bike, ice lolly was (although all very good questions that tell you a lot about a person). But music status can build you up or knock you down. So the question goes out to you my readers, what was your first single? Mine was Danny Wilson's, Second Summer of Love. It is a something or nothing choice in terms of influencing music status. I am tempted to encourage my eldest son in choosing wisely, but there is a point where he has to follow his own path, at which point I hope my face is not too contorted when he walks out with some Dizzee song probably featuring some other numpty.

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