Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Radio ga-ga

Well let's start with some good news... I have got a refund for some dodgy smelling perfume. And I get to keep it! So my wife can wear it we go on holiday and send the airport sniffer dogs crazy! I don't know why they don't want it back, maybe the cost of returning it is more than the cost of creating it! I am sure I can crush some rose petals in water and make a profit too! I think I have to put this down to lessons learnt and move on, unfortunately I think Mrs A might remind me of this every year for a while! :-)

Starfleet is creeping back to full operational power, I think most people have used up their quota of leave and made full use of an extra 2 days at the weekend.

I am caught in a horrible limbo - I am too old and grumpy to enjoyably listen to Radio 1 and the hundred and one quote repeats, especially made worst by Scott Mills, who finds that humour can only be achieved by re-repeating over and over and over again a snippet... now lets try that over music! But then I find that I am not ready to submit fully to Radio 2. I like Chris Evans and the gang, at least they are better than Wogan. I never was a TWOG but my folks were and they were dissapointed to see him go and be replaced and I guess that shows how Radio 2 are preparing for the next generation. However the music is just a slog. They are currently playing "Buttercup", and any song that is older than me is not a great sign. But Radio 2 is the lesser of all evils, especially when you start comparing any local radio stations all of which now seem to be part of the same group of "Galaxy". You get some wannabe radio presenter (I think Scott Mills was once one of them and I think that proves my point!), and you get a hundred adverts about conservatories.

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